Brighture baifurun finance and taxation - enjoy the golden autumn in 2019

Time: 2019-09-06

'Turpan in the West and daze mountain in the East'. In order to let everyone relax and get close to nature after busy work, BFR finance and tax held the theme activity of 'sweet full branches, happy sharing and embracing nature' on August 31, 2019, and organized colleagues to visit daze mountain in Pingdu to taste fresh and sweet grapes.


At 7 o'clock in the morning, everyone arrived at the designated place in full spirit. After the gathering, they drove to the beautiful daze mountain in the face of the rising sun.

In order to increase the fun of the journey, we played the games of 'flying flowers' and 'beating drums to spread flowers' in the car. We were full of enthusiasm, eager to answer, eloquent, full of talent, laughing all the way, happy and harmonious.


When we have not finished, we are at the foot of daze mountain. Entering the vineyard, the air in the farmyard is particularly fresh. A string of delicious grapes makes everyone salivate. Under the blue sky, white clouds, green mountains and waters, it is like a fairyland, better than a peach garden. We gathered around, tasting grapes, communicating with each other and enjoying the countryside.


After eating the grapes, I'm happy. The next interesting expansion game pushes the atmosphere to another climax.

In order to test and enhance the tacit understanding and cooperation between team members, the first game is 'passing balloons'. The whole team is randomly divided into two teams, one is 'beautiful and handsome team', the other is 'flaming youth team'. In the process of passing balloons, it is not allowed to touch balloons with hands and feet, which increases the difficulty of passing, but also arouses everyone's imagination. Everyone passes with various difficult movements such as head and shoulder, which is full of fun of challenge. Finally, the 'youth team' won the championship by virtue of its ability to blow up balloons with great vitality and the tacit cooperation among team members.


Finally, there is the game of 'folding newspapers'. The whole team is randomly divided into five teams. Each team distributes a newspaper, and each team member must make sure to step on the newspaper. Each team randomly selects questions. The right ones are safe for the time being. The wrong ones should fold the newspapers at their feet in half. If a member of the team steps outside the newspaper, the team will be eliminated.

The topics are rich and interesting, including corporate culture, financial and tax expertise, word riddles and urban riddles. In the game, everyone gives advice to the team and actively thinks about the answers and countermeasures. After several rounds of PK, the winning team wins the game with solid basic skills, profound knowledge and rich imagination.


The game is full of fun and empty. In the farmyard, the food is fragrant, which makes people feel more hungry. In the face of the delicious food with unique local characteristics, let's have a good time and drink. The laughter echoed in the farmyard.


At the end of the activity, the interest is not over. Looking back at this frame of photos, sometimes it's hilarious, sometimes it's amazing, the beautiful scenery of daze mountain is unforgettable, and the friendliness and warmth of the family of baifurun make every family of baifurun ever aspire. Unity, fraternity, vitality and responsibility are our constant pursuit; there is no perfect individual, but there is a perfect team, which is our unchanging belief!

Happy sharing, embracing nature, we meet, see you next time!


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