BFR finance and taxation Qingdao 2019 phase 2 boss Salon

Time: 2019-09-08

From 14:00 to 16:00 on February 22, 2019, BFR held the 2nd boss salon activity of Qingdao company in 2018 in Shinan office, with the theme of 'risk control management of export tax rebate'.

Mr. Shi Xiaomeng, manager of BFR's tax refund department and intermediate accountant, is the speaker of this boss salon. Mr. Shi has 4 years of working experience in BFR's tax, profound theoretical foundation and rich practical experience.


Mr. Shi first pointed out that export enterprises should apply for export tax refund before April 18, 2019 when they export goods in 2018. If an export enterprise fails to declare or complete the VAT refund (Exemption) Certificate in accordance with the provisions, except for those who have determined to implement the VAT exemption policy before the deadline for declaration of VAT refund (Exemption), it shall declare the tax exemption to the competent tax authorities in the tax declaration period of May of the next year after the goods are declared for export. If no tax exemption is declared, it shall be deemed as domestic sales

Export enterprises shall export goods in 2018 and collect foreign exchange before April 18, 2019. If the export goods are unable to collect foreign exchange or cannot collect foreign exchange before April 18, the declaration form of export goods unable to collect foreign exchange shall be submitted to the competent tax authority, and the relevant supporting materials shall be provided. After the examination and confirmation of the competent tax authority, it can be treated as the same as the collection of foreign exchange. There are 9 cases that can be regarded as the same collection. The most common one is that if the final date of all collection stipulated in the export contract is after the deadline for declaration of refund (Exemption) of tax, in this case, the export contract shall be submitted to the tax authority.

In view of the fact that many enterprises have the situation that the filing of export documents is not standardized, Mr. Shi emphasized that the State Administration of Taxation No. 12 document in 2013 stipulates that: enterprises should do a good job in the filing of documents, if they do not do an export filing document, they cannot refund tax, and they should be exempt from tax; if they do an export filing document that is false, they should pay tax.


This salon let customers and friends understand the process of export tax rebate, measures to get to the account smoothly and quickly, common risk points and avoidance measures, hoping that the enterprise can implement in operation and receive tax refund in time.

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